Student Dress Code

BOARD POLICIES SectionSection 7000
Students Title: Student Dress Code Code 7312
Status Active
Adopted July 6, 2016


Individual students and parents have the responsibility for student dress and general appearance. Students are required to attend school inappropriate dress that meets health and safety standards and does not interfere with their educational process.

Students may be required to wear appropriate protective gear in certain classes (e.g., shop, home economics, physical education).

Clothing, attire, notebooks, personal property, or any manner of grooming, which has an expression (e.g., phrase, word or words) or insignia (e.g., picture, symbol, patch or pin) which contains alcohol and/or other drug references, tobacco references, libelous statements, unfounded charges or accusations, obscenity, defamation of persons, false statements, plagiarism, vulgar speech, subject matter advocating racial or religious prejudice, hatred, violence, the breaking of laws and school policies and regulations, subject matter promoting sexual harassment, or subject matter, or which itself, may reasonably lead to disruption of the educational process or is inconsistent with the basic educational mission of the schools, will not be permitted.

This includes but is not limited to apparel, jewelry, accessories, or the manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute, is reasonably perceived or intended to intimidate, threaten, incite violence, reflect gang affiliations or membership in a group that advocates alcohol and/or drug use including tobacco.

The wearing of hats or other headgear and coats or other outerwear in school buildings, except for religious reasons, is prohibited during the school day.

At the high school level (grades 9 through 12), the wearing of hats with visors, hoods, or any other headgear that obscures the eyes and face, as well as coats or other outerwear in school buildings, except for religious reasons, is prohibited during the school day.

Opaque book bags, knapsacks, sports bags, or other items of similar size (including purses, or handbags), are prohibited in the High School. Such items are permissible if they are transparent or the contents are easily observed.

The administration is authorized to take action in instances where individual dress does not meet the stated requirements. If the administrator determines that a student is found wearing impermissible attire, the student may be required to return home, after parent/guardian contact, and change clothes prior to returning to class. The student will be responsible for any work missed as a result of leaving and returning to school. Also, all discipline measures provided in the District Code of Conduct apply.