Who Should I Call ?

First Student - Location Manager
Kimberly Federici

Director of Pupil Services
(Fine Arts Concerns)
Margaret McGarry

Director of Special Services
Tia Rodriguez
Velvet Tanner
762-8136 ext. 201

Director of Athletics & Student Engagement
Jeremiah Johnson

Director of Physical Education & Health and Wellness

David Garbarino

Director of Personnel
Dawne Anna Adams
762-8100 ext. 224

Executive Director of  Human Resources & Operations
Eric Wilson
762-8100 ext. 315

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Budget
Larry Dake
607-762-8100 ext. 202

Superintendent of Schools
Tonia Thompson
762-8100 ext. 318

The Binghamton City School District has developed communication protocols to promote direct, open, and respectful interactions so that problems and concerns can be worked out quickly and efficiently. The communication protocol starts with the staff member closest to the situation, as that person will have the most information. At times, additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations. Appropriate communication channels for a variety of topics are listed below. The district encourages any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters. 

Who Should I Call?

NYS ESSA-Funded Programs Complaint Procedures


Please note: If your issue has not been resolved after following ALL of the appropriate steps in the communication protocol, then please contact the Board of Education.